Fruit Cake on Pressure Cooker

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All purpose flour (Maida) - 200 gm
Sugar - 175 gm
Egg - 4 pc
Orange - 4 pc
Raisins - 40 gm
Tutti Frutti - 25 gm
Cherry - 30 gm
Dates - 100 gm
Walnut - 40 gm
Almond - 30 gm
Cashew nuts - 40 gm
Ash gourd candy - 80 gm
Cinnamon - 3 inch
Nutmeg - 1/4 pc
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp
Butter (melted) - 100 gm
Salt - As per taste

Fruit Cake on Pressure Cooker

Fruit cakes are hot favorites for Christmas. This pressure cooker fruits is for everyone as this contains no alcohol and do not need oven to bake




- Juice 1.5 oranges, soak the dry fruits (raisins, dates, cherry, tutti frutti) for 4-6 hours. Before soaking the dry fruits, cut the raisins in half. De-seed the dates, cut 25g cherry into small pieces. [You can also use other dry fruits like canberry, blueberry]

30 mins


- Powder the sugar in a mixer grinder.
- Powder the Nutmeg & Cinnamon.
- Make zest of 1 orange.
- De-skin the Almond. [To de-skin, roast on medium flame for 1 min, soak in water for 30 min]
- Juice the remaining 2.5 oranges.
- Cut parchment paper to cake tin shape.
- Cut the walnut, cashew nuts & ash gourd candies in small pieces.
- Separate out egg yolk and egg white.
- Caramelize 50 g sugar. [Heat sugar on medium flame, when sugar melts and get brown color, turn flame to low, add 75 ml water]
Pre-heat Pressure Cooker
- Remove the rubber gasket from cooker lid.
- Put 300 g salt inside the cooker and spread it evenly.
- Put an old metal bowl/container of about 2-3 inch height in the center.
- Put cooker lid and heat on medium flame for 10 mins.


Bater Preparation

To make the bater add flour, baking powder, nutmeg & cinnamon powder together and sieve it.
- Pour the melted butter in a bowl.
- Add the powdered sugar to the melted butter and mix thoroughly. [For ease, mix the sugar part by part. Do not add all sugar at a time as it may get difficult to mix]
- Put the sugar and butter mix in wet jar of mixer grinder. Add a egg yolk and blend it [Repeat this 4 times for 4 egg yolks]
- Pour the mixture in a bowl.
- Pour the egg white in the mixie chutney jar and run the mixer grinder for 15 secs. [The egg white will turn into thick foam.]
- Add the powdered sugar to the melted butter and mix thoroughly. [For ease, mix the sugar part by part. Do not add all sugar at a time as it may get difficult to mix]
- Brush melted butter inside the cake mould/tin. [You can use oil mixed with little flour too]
- Stick the parchment/butter paper inside the mould wall and base.
- Pour the mixture of sugar, butter, egg yolk in a big bowl
- Add the orange juice to it. And mix it thoroughly.
- Add orange zest to the mixture and mix it.
- Add the vanilla essence and mix it.
- Add the soaked dry fruits. Mix them thoroughly.
- Add the sieved flour mix to it. And again mix thoroughly. [Bater of fruit cake should be tight.]
- Add ash gourd candy pieces, walnuts, cashew nuts to the bater. Again mix it.
- Add the caramelized sugar to the bater and mix it. [Keep care that bater do not get too thin]
- Lastly, add the egg white foam to the bater. And mix it thoroughly.
- Pour the bater in the cake mold/tin. [Shake it a bit, so no air trapped inside]
- Decorate the top with Almonds and Cherries.

60 mins


- Place the cake tin inside pre-heated pressure cooker.
- Cover the pressure cooker lid and heat on low flame for 60 to 75 mins. [Pressure weigt valve not be put.]
- Check after 45 mins how much is baked. [Use a skewer rod to pierce inside the cake. If bater sticks, then baking is not complete]
Once the cake is baked, take it out from the cake mold. Allow it to cool down. Our delicious fruit cake is ready!

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Salma Khatun

Dec 07, 2017

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