Nolen Gurer Dudh Puli Pithe

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Khowa Kheer - 50 g
Nolen Gur (Jaggery) - 500 g
Jaggery (Solid) - 250 g
Cashew nuts - 50 g
Milk powder - 30 g
Cardamom - 10
Full cream milk - 2 ltrs
- 1/2
Rice flour (Gobinda bhog) - 250 g
Salt - As per taste

Nolen Gurer Dudh Puli Pithe

Winter means the season of pithey in Bengal. And Nolen Gurer Dudh Puli Pithey tops the list. Grated coconut mixed with jaggery makes the core. Baked lightly, this pithey is really delicious


15 mins


- Mash the Khowa / Mawa
- Grate the solid jaggery
- Cut cashew nuts into small pieces
- Churn the coconut

10 mins

Making coconut stuffing

- Heat a kadai on medium flame
- Once kadai is hot, add the churned coconut
- Crash 4 green cardamom & mix it
[Discard the cardamom shell when the stuffing is ready]
- Stir for a minute
- Add the grated jaggery
- Stir till the jaggery completely mix with coconut
- Turn flame to low when the jaggery get mixed
- Add the grated khowa & stir
- Turn off flame when the khowa get mixed

10 mins

Making pithe dough

- Warm 2 cup water on medium-high flame
- Add 1 tsp salt
- Once the water boils, turn flame to low
- Slowly add the rice flour
- Mix the flour to make a dough
[Need to mash when still hot, else making dough will be difficult]

15 mins

Making pithe shell

- Make pin pong ball size dough
[Keep the dough covered with a wet napkin]
- Take out a dough at a time & roll with the help of palms
- Make a curving shell
- Fill in the coconut stuffing
- Press the edges of the shell [And give a semi-circle shape]
- Sew the joining end.

40 mins

Making Milk Syrup & Processing

- Boil the milk on high flame
- Once the milk is boiling, add 6 green cardamons
- Continue boiling, till the milk is 2/3 of the original volume
[Stir continuously, so cream layer is not formed]
- Once milk is 2/3 volume (about 25 mins of boiling), switch off flame.
- Allow milk to cool down.
- Mix the nolen gur (liquid jaggery) & cashew nuts.
- Restart boiling on low flame
- Dip the pithes carefully in the syrup.
- Cover & cook for 5 minutes.
- Turn-off flame, cool down & serve.

Salma Khatun

Salma Khatun

Dec 14, 2017

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