Bengali Sweet - Kolkata Rasogolla

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Full cream milk - 1 ltr
All purpose flour (Maida) - 1 tsp
Milk powder - 1 tsp
Rose water - 1 tsp
Sugar - 600 g
Nokul dana (Sugar candy balls) - 25 g
Yogurt - 100 g
Water - 1.5 ltrs

Bengali Sweet - Kolkata Rasogolla

Whenever you think about Bengali sweet, Rasogolla is the first name that comes in mind. Many years back, Shri Nabin Chandra Das created this delicious sweet in Kolkata, West Bengal.


10 mins

Preparing Chana

- Boil the milk in a big pan
- When the milk is starts boiling, add the yogurt in milk. You will find chana (cheese) and greenish clear liquid left in a minute.
- Stop boiling, pour the chana (cheese) in a clean cotton cloth and run under tap water.
- Clean the chana with cold water, so the cooking process stops immediately.
[Cooking process has to be stopped immediate to prevent curd becoming hard, good rasogolla needs soft chana (cottage cheese)]
- After cooling and cleaning of chana, squeeze out all the water from chana. So, the chana is dry.

15 mins

Making Rasogolla Balls

- Take a big plate and start smashing the chana with finger tips. The target is to make a silky smooth dough without any granules.
- Do not put too much pressure else oil will come out from the chana before it gets smooth.
[It took me 10 minutes for this process]
- When the cheese get smooth, mix 1 teaspoon maida , 1 teaspoon milk powder and 1 teaspoon sugar to the dough and re-smoothen it out. If you like, you can put rose water. Remember to mix it well. The better the smudging process is, the more better the rasogolla will become.
- Take small chunk of chana, place a nokul dana inside it and give a shape of a ball. Roll the chana between your palms to make balls. A good ball will have glossy surface and no visible cracks.

20 mins

Cooking Rasogolla

- Take 1.5 liter water in a big kadai.
- Put 500 gm sugar in the water and start boiling on high flame. The sugar will melt in it. You may find dirt from sugar coming out and mixing with the syrup. To clean out the dirt, put some milk in the boiling syrup, you will notice the dirt along with the milk forms a floating sludge like, remove it from the syrup. Keep on boiling till the liquid is little dense.
-Lower the flame to medium and start putting the chana balls in the boiling syrup. Be careful that the balls do not break.
- Now, cover the kadai with a lid and allow it to boil for 20 minutes without any disturbance.

After 20 odd minutes, take a rasogolla ball to check if the cooking is complete. The ball will become very soft and spongy. On pressing the ball, it will squeeze out and on releasing the pressure it will again inflate. If you drop the ball in a plain glass of water, it will submerged.

2 hrs

Syrup processing

Turn off the flame. Sprinkle a cup of water to stop the cooking process. And allow the rasogollas to remain in the syrup for about 2 hours. No, harm if you keep them for longer duration. Your rasogolla is ready to be served!

Salma Khatun

Salma Khatun

Jul 16, 2017

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